Thursday, May 27, 2010

before and after ( WOW)

Sorry it has taken me so long to post so much has happened,where to start

Well I made Jett a Doctors appointment for Wed May 5Th for his second to last Doctors apt.

the Monday before the apt I sent him to school as normal and a few hours latter I received a call from my mom saying that Jetts teacher was trying to get a hold of me and I needed to call asap so I did and soon found out that Jetts mouth peace that was wired to his mouth was riped out in the crazies way. He was laying on his back on the rug and a girl stepped over his head and her shoe lace got caught on the bar and riped it out! both him and his teacher were so scared that he had just ruined everything. his teacher put on a really brave face and calmed him down, she has been such a blessing this year with all we have been though she has made it so much easier:) when I got him home and called the doctor who said he would see him on wed and that he thought everything would be OK all Jett could think of was food what to eat Subway that's what he wanted so that's what he had:) he loved every bit.

We went to the Doctor on wed and he said everything looked great and he didn't need to see us until October (woo hoo) we made it. I never thought I would say this but it did go bye pretty fast!

He might look different but the other day he let me know he is still the same Marven

He woke up and it had snowed again in MAY.

He said mom I think we need to find away to get anti depressants to mother nature because she must be bi polar or depressed. He then came up with the idea of throwing chocolate in the sky.

he said that might work cuz it always does with you mom ( wow he will make a great husband some day if he already know what makes everything better:) haha

Love you all and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's gone!!!

This is what they replaced it with.

Jett puts it on at night while he sleeps its not quite what I thought of when I thought of head gear but it will do I guess.

He doesn't seem to mind it to much and it comes off in the morning:)

I've got a pickle! I've got a pickle!! hay hay hay hay!!!
As you can tell the boys decied to have a little fun with Jetts halo before it was removed:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Say GOOD-BYE! to my blue friend, say hello to a hair cut!!

We are so excited to get rid of the halo that has been screwed into Jett's head for the past
8 weeks!!
We are a little scared that his horns might come out:)
For all of you that know Jett you know he has a bit of a devilish side.
He's quite the prankster.
In fact he has loved to play with people that stare at his blue friend. He will either stare back pretend to have a seizure or just pull a weird face.
That's one of the things we love about him, he doesn't care what others think.
He knows he is awesome and that's all that matters!!
There is one down fall when we went to the doc 3 weeks ago he informed us that the mouth piece and what I call his elephant tusks ( the pieces of metal that come out of his mouth) will stay for another 8 weeks and he will have head gear that will attach to it at night.
This was a big surprise and disappointment to all of us!!
So to all of you parents that are reading this before your child's surgery now you know what to plan for.
After the halo is off it's another 8 weeks of head gear.
I don't know why but our Doctor didn't tell us this prior to the procedure.
He was probably afraid we would take off running if he told us it would be a 16 week ordeal.
It sure would have been better for Jett to know a little better what to prepare for...
Our plans for summer keep getting bigger and better with the anticipation of

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Profile after 4 Weeks!

We are now finished turning the screws!!!! ya :)
Our next Doc appointment is on the 3rd of March, hopefully only 3 more weeks after that.
Which means he might have this contraption taken off on the 24th of March.
We are praying!
Jett wants it off before his 10th birthday and that is on the 29th of March!
So far everything is going as planned.
Jett is still eating pretty good thanks to the baby grinder and his straws!!
His teacher has been great to work with.
She really wants Jett back in the classroom so we all thought really hard about how we could make it work, so now he will start going half a day 4 days a week.
We will drop him off after lunch and pick him up 5 minutes before they get out so that we beat the crowed halls.
I think this will be so good for him to get out of the house and see all of his friends.
We have noticed that he needs a lot more sleep and time to rest he crys out a lot at night so going to school after lunch will give him the time he needs to sleep in a bit.
We met with Doctor Morales on February 10th
while we were in Salt Lake Scott was able to get some Jazz tickets.
They all had a great time even though Jazz lost to the Lakers.
Jett's friend Drew was the only one with them that was happy about that.
-O- well you win some you lose some.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lots to do!!

As you can probably tell I am playing catch up.
Its been a busy week!!
We have been noticing how much Jetts profile is changing.
It's amazing in just two weeks how different he looks!!!
Our biggest challenge is keeping Jett busy and his tummy full!!
We spend most of our time thinking of what to do or what to eat.
We just picked up a bunch of school work so hopefully it will keep him busy for a bit longer?
The baby grinder is still working great he was even able to eat his sisters
famous cinnamon rolls!
I think he ate 2 or 3 !!! Ya:)
Jett has said how bored he is too many times so I put him to work!!
ha ha :)
Mylee got her exercise barking at the vacuum
so it entertained them both for a couple of minutes.
Meet Gimpa and Slurp!!!

My Family all said that they would do anything to take some of Jetts pain...
Well my sister got a sick kid for a couple of days and the others were real naughty!
So when she said she had more than enough,
my dad decided to take some on, (not really) what he or any of us had in mind.
He cut all the way though the bone on his pointer finger with his dull band saw
and cut into the tendon on the middle finger.
Thanks to Doctor Nakken, he was able to reattach and sew the tendons back together.
Only time will tell how much movement he will get back.
Jett is doing so good I think he can do the rest all on his own!!
So no more hospital trips!!
( K)

Jett's 3rd grade teacher made this quilt for him and had all his friends sign it!!!
He is so blessed to have such a great teacher and friends!
Thank you so much he loves the quilt and it's even Redman colors!! ya

Going to Salt Lake to see the doctor Jett wanted to watch a movie but of
course the head phones wouldn't fit the same.
Good thing nothing stops a determined kid.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One day at a time!

Yay we have a Winner!!
As you can imagine food is kinda blah if it has to go though a syringe so I was thinking (I know it doesn't happen much)lol When my kids were baby's I had a grinder that made it so they could eat what we were eating with out chewing!!! So tonight we tried it and he loved it we had fajitas and so did he!!! yay
For all you moms going though this it worked. It has been one week and he can open his mouth just enough to put the spoon in up side down and wipe the food on his tongue. We are still using a syringe to drink.

Jett is a crazy sleeper!!!!
He is to only sleep on his back but as you can see he is on side laying right on 3 screws. Scott woke up the other night and he was sleeping face down in the pillow. Scott freaked out and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night Jett couldn't understand why his dad keep waking him up till he woke up with a jaw ache!! (I think his auntie Au made those pillows way to cozy) Thanks Au we love you!!